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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

 Set out below are the terms and conditions of JLC program owned and operated by JONLIVIA SDN. BHD.

  • These terms and conditions form the basis of the JLC and explain the process of collection and use of JLC points, as well as the different program aspects.
  • Enrolling and/or usage of any benefits or rewards offered as a part of the JLC shall be deemed as acceptance of these terms & conditions. It is the JLC member's own responsibility to read and understand them.
  • These terms and conditions are effective as of the date of publication and shall apply throughout the membership period. JONLIVIA SDN BHD may, at its sole discretion, modify these terms and conditions. Such modifications will be communicated through the JLC website jonlivia.com .

1. Program Definition:

 The JLC is a loyalty program of JONLIVIA SDN BHD that rewards enrolled members with points when shopping at any JONLIVIA’s retail store and/or online store. Customers will be able to earn and accumulate points every time they make a purchase. Accumulated points can be redeemed for products or JLC Loyalty vouchers that can be used at JONLIVIA’s retail store.

2. Member Enrolment Eligibility:

 All customers of JONLIVIA are eligible to enrol. 

3. Suspension or Cancellation of Membership:

  • JLC reserves the right to terminate the membership at any time if any of these terms & conditions are not complied with or if a member in any way abuses the JLC membership with acts of fraud.
  • Points rewarded to a member either before or after the date of a fraud shall be subject to review and possible cancellation.
  • Points redeemed by a member in the form of a JLC voucher or product(s) either before or after the date of a fraud shall be subject to review and the member may be liable to return the product(s) in its unused, undamaged state or pay for the same in RM currency.
  • In the unfortunate event that a member passes away, loyalty points accumulated in the deceased's account will become invalid and the loyalty account will be terminated.
  • In case of termination of a membership initiated by a member, accumulated points will become invalid.
  • In the event of suspension, termination or cancellation of a membership, JLC reserves the right to use any accumulated points to pay off any outstanding debts/balance.
  • JONLIVIA SDN. BHD. reserves the right to accept /reject any refund requests for returned items that were eligible for earning points under the JLC points system.

4. Earning Points:

 Points can be earned based on:

  • Purchase of a product from JONLIVIA’s retail store or online. The number of points awarded for each purchase depends on the paid amount.
  • Additional JLC points may be earned at JONLIVIA’s retail store or online for certain promotions as and when stipulated. The JLC management reserves the right to change/modify the terms and conditions of a promotion at any time without prior notice.
  • Additional reward points that may be awarded to JLC members for a promotion may not be applicable to other promotions running in parallel or promotions running at a later date at JONLIVIA’s retail store or online.
  • Points will be rewarded on presenting either one of the following: membership E-card number, IC number of the JLC member.
  • Members of the JLC can earn points for purchases made using cash and/or debit/credit cards.

5.  Redemption of Points: (JLC Gold = 1:1 pts)

 JLC points can be redeemed at any JONLIVIA’s retail store.

For JLC Ordinary Member:

  • Every JLC point is equivalent to 1:1 at any JONLIVIA’s retail store.
    • RM100 = 100 points
    • 1000 points to redeem RM10 cash voucher 100:1

For JLC Gold Member:

  • Every JLC point is equivalent to 1:1 at any JONLIVIA’s retail store.
    • RM100 = 100 points
    • 1000 points to redeem RM10 cash voucher 100:1
  • Points can be redeemed the next day of the last purchase.
  • Redemption can be done at any JONLIVIA’s retail store by using your membership e-card or your IC no.
  • Online purchased customers will have to submit invoice to membership department to redeem points with name written on it.
  • There will be online redemption either from email or website.

6. Points Transfer:

  • JLC points are transferable ONLY with valid written reason.

7. Points Balance

 Members can check their JLC points balance at JONLIVIA’s retail store upon request, or by calling 6010-2265575. Customer Service/Call Center's opening hours are from 11.30 am - 8.30pm on weekdays, 11.30am – 3pm on weekends.

8. Exchange and Refund Policy:

  • Products that were procured using JLC points and/or JLC vouchers cannot be refunded, but may be exchanged with other products of the same retail value or less in accordance with the JONLIVIA’s retail store returns policy.
  • JLC reserves the right to issue JLC vouchers as a means of refund, after necessary deductions, for products that were procured using JLC points.

9. Personal Details:

  • It is the member's full responsibility to notify JLC of any changes to his/her personal details which includes mobile number, address, etc.
  • JLC is not responsible for the loss of a membership card or points resulting from a failure to update personal details.
  • Personal details can be updated by calling 6010-2265575.


10. Fraud:

If a member shows any signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity, he/she stands the risk of losing accrued points. JONLIVIA SDN BHD has the right to suspend or terminate his/her membership immediately.

If any fraudulent activity is suspected or detected, JONLIVIA SDN BHD reserves the right to take necessary legal action. In addition, members may be liable for monetary losses sustained by JONLIVIA’s retail store, including litigation costs and damages.

11. Privacy Policy:

The gathered information about the use of the loyalty program will be entered into the files of JONLIVIA’s retail store. This data is for internal use only - to help provide more focussed, relevant services and promotions to JLC Members.

Personal information such as the address, e-mail, telephone, as well as demographic and other relevant information, will never be disclosed (shared, sold or divulged) to third parties unless authorized by the member by participating in a program/service offered by a third party or is required to do so by law. JLC will maintain personal information and a member's business activities in accordance with our usual strict security and confidentiality standards.

12. Change in Terms and Conditions:

  • JONLIVIA SDN BHD has all rights to withdraw, cancel or change the terms and conditions pertaining to the JLC at any time without any prior notice.
  • JONLIVIA SDN BHD has all rights to withdraw, cancel or change the terms and conditions pertaining to the JLC without liability of whatever nature to any JLC member.

 13. Others:

  • JLC shall endeavour to provide points earning, redemption, and related services with minimum disruptions.
  • JLC cannot always guarantee the functioning of these services without disruptions, and cannot be held liable for any operational, process-related and system errors that may occur when providing any of the JLC membership services.

14. Intellectual Property:

All the intellectual property rights in and associated with JONLIVIA’s retail store and its logo, the JLC program solely vest in JONLIVIA Sdn. Bhd. and any unauthorized use of the same or a similar trade name, trade mark, logo is prohibited by law. In case of any such unauthorized use of the JONLIVIA intellectual property, JONLIVIA Sdn. Bhd. reserves its rights to take appropriate action and to recover all costs including but not limited to court fees, attorney's fees, damages, losses etc. 

15. Governing Law:

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia and the Parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Malaysia.

16. Disclaimers:

Each member agrees and undertakes that his/her access and use of the JLC program and this page shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Each member acknowledges and warrants that this page is available on an "as is" basis and may contain errors, discrepancies, faults, inaccuracies and may not be complete and/or current.

Each member accesses this page and enrols in the JLC program at his/her own discretion. JONLIVIA Sdn. Bhd and/or JLC shall in no way be liable for any damage, losses, costs suffered and/or incurred by any member as a consequence, whether direct or indirect, of using this page or enrolling in the JLC program.


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