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Becoming a Member

 Q              How can I become JLC member?

A               You will become a JLC member upon purchase of any JLC products.


Q              How can I become JLC Gold member?

A               You will become JLC Gold member once your purchases amount up to RM 500 & above. The purchase amount of RM 500 can be accumulative within 1 year. 


Q              When do I receive my membership card?

A               You may collect the E-card and the account number as soon as you enrol into the program at the store. In case of online registration, you will receive an email regarding the E-card and your account details.


Q              Is my card valid only at JONLIVIA’s retail stores?

A               Your JLC card is valid in all JONLIVIA’s retail store and/or Online stores.


Q              What is the validity of my membership?

A               Membership has lifetime validity. JLC reserves the right to cancel any membership and the accumulated points.


Q              How often will I be contacted by JLC?

A               JLC members receive regular Whatsapp, SMS notifications and Emails regarding the status of their balance. You may also receive information via both channels about new product releases, luxury and fashion news, as well as celebrity appearances. Priority is always given to JLC members.


Q              Are joint memberships with a spouse, family member or friend possible?

A               We apologize because we only offer individual memberships.


Q              How can I cancel my membership?

A               You can cancel your membership at any time by submitting a request in writing. Thus, your membership will be withdrawn within 30 working days, and any points in balance will be forfeited accordingly.


Earning JLC Points


Q              How do I earn points?

A               You can earn points by providing your e-card number or IC number at the time of purchase. Our staff will then process the transaction by adding the points awarded on your purchase(s).


Q              How many points do I earn with each purchase?

A               Every JLC point is equivalent to 1:1 at any JONLIVIA’s retail store.

  • RM 100 = 100 points
  • 1000 points to redeem RM10 cash voucher 100:1


Q              How many points do I earn with each purchase if I am a JLC Gold Member?

A               Every JLC point is equivalent to 1:1 at any JONLIVIA’s retail store.

  • RM 100 = 100 points
  • 1000 points to redeem RM10 cash voucher 100:1


Q              How can I view my points balance and purchase history?

A               You can inquire about your points at any JONLIVIA’s retail store or by contacting our Call Center 6010- 226 5575.


Q              How long does it take for points to be credited into my account after each purchase?

A               Points will be credited and can be redeemed at the end of the transaction day.


Q              I don't always carry my JLC Card with me. Can I still receive points for my purchase?

A               Points can be credited using any one of the following:

  • Membership e-card number
  • IC number (which was provided during registration)


Q              Can another person use my card during a purchase?

A               No. A JLC Membership card is intended for personal use only. It shall not be used by more than one individual. If a similar case is noted, JLC reserves the right to block the card and cancel the membership of the owner.


Q              What is the refund policy for JLC members?

A               JLC members can exchange or return products within 14 days of purchase.


Points Redemption


Q              When can I redeem my JLC points?

A               You can redeem your JLC points and our staff will assist you in redeeming your points upon presenting your JLC e-card.


Q              What is the JLC voucher?

A               JLC members may redeem accumulated points for a JLC voucher equivalent to the number of points debited from the member's account. For example, 1000 points can be redeemed for a voucher worth RM10 (Ratio 100:1). This voucher can be gifted to anyone.


Q              Can I gift my JLC reward voucher?

A               Yes, JLC vouchers can be gifted.


Q              Are JLC points transferable?

A               JLC points are non-transferable.


Q              Can I authorize anyone to redeem my points?

A               Points can only be redeemed by the owner of the JLC account.


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