Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket)

No. 1 Activewear That Helps To Lose Weight

Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket)

Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket)

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Jonlivia ActivSinglet (with pocket) has sauna-like qualities, which stimulate better perspiration and help you lose inches in no time.

Main Effects:

- Causes more perspiration and sweat

- Press and shape certain parts of your body more

- Detoxify your immune system.

- Burn more calories

- Sweat more than usual

- Increase your metabolism

Product Features:

Jonlivia ActivSinglet:

- Made from NEOPRENE, which been used by divers to preserve body heat under the water.

- Causes a higher perspiration level making it easier to eliminate toxins and excess water.

- Very comfortable.

- Can be used every day at home, work, the gym or even swimming!

- Moves with you through any type of exercise, whether it be MMA, boxing, aerobics, calisthenics, etc.

- Increase your mental and physical endurance.

- Increase flexibility, decreasing the likelihood of injury.



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